International Women’s Day

Today I take a moment to celebrate all of the amazing women in my life.

I am lucky to have been raised by one, am honored to be raising two and I am surrounded by so many.

These women have filled my life with the moments that have made me cry, made me laugh until I leaked a little, and have made me proud to be a member of the sisterhood.

I am inspired daily with what women go though, rise above and do for others, often supressing their own needs to offer support to someone else.

I have witnessed silent acts of kindness. Those little notes, a meal cooked or that smile with a knowing nod, that lets you know you’re not alone.

The women in my life have supported me through;

  • my childhood
  • bad spiral perms and blue eyeliner
  • broken hearts
  • fluro clothing
  • sex, vagina, boob situations!
  • new jobs
  • engagement, marriage, childbirth
  • meltdowns (many  meltdowns)
  • career, sporting, life achievments
  • parenting – babies, toddlers and adults
  • my ever evolving marriage
  • turning 30 and 40
  • re-learning me as my nest empties

And everything else life has thrown at me. They’ve laughed, cried and danced with a hairbrush in the mirror with me.

I say today and everyday, thankyou.

Be a women that knows how hard it is to look as if you’ve got your shit together and congratulate those who manage to do it on any give day.

Be a women who supports other women.

Be a women who raises supportive women.

Lisa X




Make it all count

Donna Penny has written a book called “Why my mummy?” to explain to her son Kai about her terminal cancer. There was no resource available in bookshops.

I implore you to google her, read her story, let yourself feel and then donate to the crowd fund that has been set up to have this book printed.

I am in awe of people who are able to channel their energy and limited time into something that will not only benefit their children or family, but leave a lasting resource to help many others.

Donna, your story made me smile, bawl like a baby and encouraged me to to live more, make more memories and shout about how much I love those closest to me from the rooftops. I thank you of the important reminder.

It got me thinking. What advice, message or wisdom would I want to share with my girls?

I’m so blessed to have seen them grow into amazing young women. Strong, determined, funny, genetically mystifyingly gorgeous, kind, empathetic, stubborn, hardworking and smart young women.

To say I’m proud is an understatement.

I also probably pass on way too much information for their liking as it is but, there’s more.

Your happiness is your responsibility. Don’t let anyone else control it. Others can share or add to it but you get the final say.

Your body is the vehicle that will get you to all the places you need to go in life. Take care of it, fuel it, respect it and make sure others do too.

Dance, sing and be silly. Laugh until you cry and your stomach hurts. It feels so good to let go.

You only get one vagina so take care of it. If you are ignoring it, so should everyone else!

Be a good friend. Keeps someone’s secret and trust someone enough to tell them yours.

Spend money on good bras and undies. Trust me as gravity takes it’s toll you’ll be glad you did!

If you choose to get married, marry someone who makes you laugh and challenges you mentally. Oh, you should really, really love them and tell them everyday.

If you choose to have children, give yourself to the experience and never regret a moment. You get one chance to raise your babies, kiss their toes, smell their hair and fall asleep with them.

Learn to cook at least one great meal. More importantly make your house a place that is welcoming and full of laughter. If you can’t cook serve lots of wine so no one notices.

Learn to budget.

The rule to dressing is boobs or legs. Choose one to expose, but never both.

Over the years I have given much advice, in many forms. Dance, song poetry and not to scale diagrams. But I know that it would never be enough. I would be angry, I would feel cheated and I would be so sad at the thought of not seeing my children become their adult selves.

To wonder have I done enough, did I make enough memories, did my kids know who I was?

For the women who have faced this battle with such grace, dignity and class, I am in awe of you and I will honour your memory by remembering you and the example you have set.

I will be forever grateful and I will keep you in my heart and thoughts. You have inspired me to be more present and to live in the moments I am creating with my family.

Please donate to Donna Penny’s crowd fund, or find a women’s charity that strikes a chord with you. Donate your time at your children’s school or volunteer at a local hospital.

Be more present and be grateful for every moment we are privileged to experience.

Lisa X









Ageing Gracefully

There are certain things I know and am expecting to happen to me as I age. I am doing my best to be ready and to help my body cope with these changes.

Sunscreen is a daily must do on the  face, neck and back of hands. Just some of the places that can show your age. I try to stay out of the sun most of the time because of the aging effects to the skin and the fact I start to look like a giant freckle.

I’m expecting a few more aches and pains as I age, the need to slow things down a bit and try lower impact exercise. I’ve dabbled in yoga and love a good walk so I will be fine.

Life goals

Grey hair come at me I’m ready. I’ve gone a few shades lighter over the past few years to help disguise the greys as they started to appear. They arrive slowly at first then suddenly you have a cluster. Sneaky things they are.

But Holy Hell, here’s what I was not ready for.

Grey pubes, an ageing vulva and loss of elasticity in my lips. Not the ones I talk from!

It’s amazing how one Gyno visit can have you ready to book your vag into some sort of aged care facility.

Let me set the scene; it’s one we all know well. Top half on, bottom half removed, on the bed under the blanket/sheet. Making small talk and acting like the term, feet together and just let the knees drop is a normal part of daily conversation.

In my uncomfortable state I developed a severe case of word vomit. Why do I always feel the need to fill the silence? This need resulted in the question,

“How’s it all looking? Good for my age?”

Yes I did. I asked that!

I didn’t want (or need) to know the truth but he was in the mood for a bit of honesty and was also probably sick of the same questions. So he gave me the answers I didn’t want but will never be able to block out of my memory bank.

Apparently my grey pubes are in line with and expected during the ageing process. I know most of you are focussed not on the fact that my downstairs hair is going grey but on the fact that I have hair down there. I am well aware (thanks to my daughters) that I am one of 7 people on the planet to still have pubes. That number is apparently being generous. I’m not ready for a full removal because I do believe hair serves a purpose but I don’t want the grey hair to make everything look older than it is.

I made noises that must have sounded like I was interested because he continued. I had asked after all. He then decided to point out the changes I would notice in the coming years.

My brain was screaming “make it stop”, but my mouth, as it often does, acted alone and said “Like what?”

Oh, just a little aging of the vulva skin. Yep, that’s right the skin at the entrance of the vagina will age and become thin and susceptible to irritation. Imagine a paper cut, in the webbing of your finger skin, now times this by a hundred and put it in your lady parts.

This is of course extreme and just how my mind works. There will be creams and hormones to help, oh good!

I googled this of course when I got in the car and stopped reading when I saw some stats that supported the finding that the clitoris in fact keeps its age well and should be ok as I get older. This was of course written in very scientific terms and I could’ve misinterpreted a little but it calmed me enough for my breathing to return to normal.

Now last, but certainly not least the lips. I do know that the vaginal lips are technically known as the labia but for today we are going with lips. I have some loss of elasticity to look forward to. I’m instantly imaging this to require me tucking my lady lips into some sort of support undergarment if I want to wear a skirt. No peace and pout for me. Can we not invent one of those plumping lip glosses that claim to give you fuller lips but for down there? Imagine that scene in the toilets of a club (a bowls club) as everyone is in the toilets touching up their lip gloss.

pout quote

My imagination is fertile, more fertile than my ovaries will be, but let’s not even go there.

Lisa xx