Mother’s Day

Today Mother’s Day is being celebrated in Australia.

I am a Mother and I will be celebrated.

I’m expecting brunch (because I organised it), maybe a gift and some lovely memories shared by gorgeous children.

I know that I am guaranteed these lovely stories because I will guilt them into telling me.

It’s called the “my favourite MUM memory is……” game. I love playing it. We also play it on my birthday.

I will then reflect on the joyous times, memorable events and body changes that have come along with motherhood.

I will share memories of a time when my breasts sat high and perky on my chest, when I didn’t have to share my chocolate and when sneezing didn’t require me to do a pilates style contraction of all core  muscles.

I will probably end up doing a fair share of the cleaning up and make own dinner.

And you know what? I’m ok with that.

There are so many moments throughout the year when my girls tell me they love and appreciate me in so many ways and they probably don’t even know it.

It’s a message in the when they are on the train telling me to have a great day.

It’s an unexpected cup of coffee in the morning made just the way I like it.

It’s getting home to all the washing folded and the dishwasher unpacked, with no nagging!

The moments I treasure the most are the ones that they don’t even realise matter.

I have also learned to notice the moments that also matter for our tech savvy youngsters.

A tag on Facebook in a meme or video that reminds them of their childhood. Even if most times it depicts you being a lunatic or making fun of you or their siblings.

They were thinking about you and took the time to let you know.

You follow the same people on Instagram and you get tagged in one of their posts by your child. “This is so us” or “You would do this”. I know it doesn’t sound like much but it is.

Your child knows you and what makes you laugh or tick.

My children are adults now and I am sure that if the connection hadn’t been built with them as children then these moments would not be happening.

Nothing will replace reading books on laps and cuddles on the couch.

Taking the time to get to know their friends and listening when they speak.

Think of all the things we would like from our children on Mother’s Day, respect, appreciation and the feeling that we are known.

These are the same things our children need from us as they are growing up. Not just on one day because we are reminded but everyday, because we want to.

Happy Mother’s day to all women who raised their own, someone else’s or love their fur babies.

Lisa X

PS- I’m grateful everyday for the man I chose to make me a mum!

mothers day pic
The girls and I circa 1999. Obviously contouring and blush were not so popular!






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