JUST – ification

There is a four letter word that I dislike and wish people wouldn’t use quite so much in my presence. This word makes anything it proceeded seem less important and less worthy of the accolade it deserves.

I’m happy for the use of shit and fuck, as they can add a certain strength to a sentence or description. These words can be used in so many different ways, they often get a laugh and can add colour.

The word that bothers me so much is the word ………JUST! I can’t stand it.

I talk to a lot of people who are thinking about,  or in the process of returning to the workforce in a more permanent capacity. They have spent years at home raising our future generation, running households, working casually and studying. I listen to them worry about writing their resume. What skills can they list? What can put down for work experience?

It bothers me when I hear , “I’ve just been a stay at home parent”,  “I’m just a mum/dad”, “I just work part-time around the kids”.

JUST, are you kidding me? Why do they grossly under value this amazing role?

If we flip the way we are looking at this situation, take the skills gained while caring for young children and look at them in work place terms you would be looking at a six-figure salary. Business values these skills that so many carers dismiss as “JUST” the day to day things they do.

On a resume the following skills would be highly regarded and would probably get the applicant an interview;

Excellent time management skills, small group management, conflict resolution, budgeting, the ability to be flexible and adapt to change, works well under pressure. Add to this being creative, willing to do overtime and resilient.

Sounds to me like you would have one valuable employee. If we can help raise the value of the job parents are doing and the skills they are gaining at home, there is hope that employers will more readily recognise them too.

So if you hear someone under value the job they are doing by “JUST-ifying” pick them up on it. Let them know how valuable their role is and how what they are doing makes a difference to their child and their community.

Lisa xx

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