I am real, the genuine article.

The Genuine Article: a person or thing considered to be an authentic and excellent example of their kind.

There is nothing about me that is fake. Trust me, as much as I wish my boobs and nose were, they are not.

As with most women I know, I have a love/hate relationship with my body, depending on the day and the time of the month.I have bad hair, skin and fashion days. All of which my daughters are happy to point out for me. These are the days I run in the shadows, wearing a lot of black, and there are days I think I look the goods and I strut that shit.

I don’t have what I would consider an exercise regime. I sign up for one big event a year (this year it’s the marathon!) so I stay motivated to keep going. Running 42kms will be a huge challenge but I won’t go down without  fight. I am currently on the lookout for a NASA designed bra that will strap my ample bosom down for the race, if you know of one let me know, but I consider myself lucky to have a fully functioning body that allows me to have amazing experiences.

I’m the co parent of 2 beautiful young ladies aged 19 and 17. I still don’t feel responsible enough to be a fully fledged mother and I’m always waiting for someone to figure out I’m winging it most of the time. I often speak before thinking and my filter hasn’t fully developed.     If asked a question I give detailed answers and feel it necessary at times to draw diagrams. I can label the entire vaginal area and it pleases me to see their discomfort when I find it necessary to add pubic hair. I do always add that it is not to scale so as not to scare them too much.

My husband has the patience of a saint. He knows that if I die first I will haunt him. He knows I have the sense of humour of a 15 year old boy, I find farts hilarious, yet he loves me anyway. He makes me laugh more than anyone I know and he is the most amazing father to our girls.

If you’d like to take a look behind the scenes into the life of a no where near perfect mother, a less than step-ford wife and a woman making the most of what of she’s got, then keep reading.

Lisa X

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